Sunday Worship 29-03-2020

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Welcome to worship.

Today worship is led by Pastor Liz and Mark Stevenson, with Sermon by Pastor Paul.


Father, as we gather, despite being apart, may we find blessing in your presence.


In Heavenly Love Abiding


Come Unto Me

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We Pray

It goes without saying that we should all be praying for our church family. Pray God’s blessing, strengthening, and peace over your brothers and sisters.


Please pray for our Missionary family in Myanmar. They are going through a worrying time, there has been a lot of illness in the family, and one of the children is really quite poorly with uncertainty as to what is causing it.


Please pray for those members of our church who are directly involved in caring for the sick and vulnerable. We have a number of people who are working in extremely pressured jobs, and in some cases risky environments. Pray God’s protection over them and their family members.


Pray for the men in Still Waters House. That they might get on well together (they have never met before). That they will be safe. And that somehow, even though we can only offer a bare minimum of support they will be blessed, and recognise the hope that is found in Jesus. Pray for those who enter the house to support tin practical ways, for their safety and wisdom.


Pray for Pastor Paul as he leads the funeral of Allen Lawrence this coming Monday. The circumstances make it strange and complicated. Pray for his family as they try to come to terms with his passing in the midst of all that is going on.


Pray for Church leaders, these are complicated times.

Pray for the national leaders, our Prime Minister and his team have an incredibly hard job to do,

and a number have succumbed to the virus themselves.

Every Sunday evening, at 7pm, we are invited to light a candle and place it in our windows (safely)

and pray in unity with the whole Church.

Why not join in with this simple but meaningful action.


If you have a prayer request, then please let us know….



Sermons - audio only

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Charles Eaves

Peter Davies

Peter Davies

Peter Davies

Charles Eaves

Charles Eaves

Pastor Liz Tyler

Pastor Liz Tyler

Charles Eaves

Peter Davies